EASY FALCON® is an intelligent, economic, but effective solutions to protect your devices from a fire.

When the fire starts, it doesn't warn you !

EASY FALCON® supervises 24h-24h while sleeping or engaging in other activities.

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See also the localized fire suppression system FALCON®    icon_evidence.png


  • It ensures timely, linear and continuous revelation of the onset of fire throughout the protected area
  • It permits to protect spaces and areas not accessible to conventional fire suppression systems


The flame or the high temperature generated by a possible fault burns the tube FALCON® which is under pressure and connected to the cylinder causing its breakage.

The characteristics of the tube FALCON® are such that the breakage has dimensional characteristics similar to those of a nozzle and from this the extinguishing agent contained in the cylinder extinguishes the flame in a very short time limiting the damage only to the source of fire. 

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The package includes:

  • cylinder filled with ABC powder of high quality, gas HFC 227ea or Novec 1230
  • special detection tube FALCON® already pressurized
  • wall bracket
  • manual instructions / installation

You do not need anything else to install your EASY FALCON® !

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